Saturday, 2 April 2016

Thinking in Graphs and Pictures

When Is the last time we took a pen & paper/ ipad notes and try to draw something.. The effects are surprising, we are able to think better in graphs & pictures rather than words and its brings multidimensional ideas.. So next time you are free, just take a pen & a paper, you could be Creative however elementary it is.. You can try in three/ four axis, a picture, a flow chart, I am sure it would be surprising.. I just tried and this came up.. 

What's your contribution to this world, forget the past, what can you do for the rest of your life.. The first one represents significant contribution and it goes well beyond one's life, the second one is the typical life that most of us live in this world.. However evident this looks like, still we choose the second one, because the first one looks risky, tough, uncertain and needs sacrifices.. Worth it, give it a try, after all it's just one life..

What's your take on Age Vs Learning, Learning Vs Contribution to the world, Is your contribution starts from the day you start doing things or when it's known to the world, what if Charles Darwin who hidden his thesis for years, was hidden for ever..  For an artist being hidden is the Creative freedom, nevertheless the contribution to the world starts from the day he starts doing things.. Remember Vincent Van Gogh, his painting is known to the world only 10 years after his death and still inspires so many even after 100 years..

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