Sunday, 3 April 2016

Combo offers

How often did we get confused with the multiple combo offers and still grudge on not having the right combo.. What should be the objective of a combo offer? 

# To provide right combination of products and make it easy to choose for the customers. At times, the customers are not aware of the right combinations and will be delighted when they see a good one
# provide good value for money when customers buy multiple things, could be of the same product

The first one can be achieved by understanding the customer insights and not by just picking few combination of products for the sake of it and the second one by providing value discount on the right combination. But this doesn't satisfy all the customers, for those who still grudge on the right combinations, you don't need to worry on the right combination, give them satisfaction of value for money, they will choose their right combination. Say, choose any three and get a 5% discount!!

There are lot of companies try to make an ineffective combo by clubbing non moving products and try to show better value for money, those combo's are selling in spite of the bad combinations and not because of those combinations..

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