Friday, 25 May 2018

Lionel Messi

Don't write about him, Don't try to describe him. Just watch him.
- Pep Guardiolo, Ex Barcelona coach.

There are lot of lessons that i have learned from him. Watching him play is an inspiration, and the speed, the accuracy, the calmness, the spirit, the intellect like no one else.

Practice makes a man perfect, the ball sticks to his legs, goes between the legs of best of the defenders / goal keepers.

Gallop in short intervals, helps you to cover distance, And know when to break free and when to Gallop.

Dont have over confidence, Goes as much close to the goal post as possible, before releasing the ball.

Expect the hurdles and be prepared. And it's very important to get back on feet quickly.

You dont need to do everything, just make things easy for your team, they ll do the rest.

And when it's tough, get things done for the team, they will come back to you with respect.

Be humble and grounded, you are not bigger than Messi.

Work for the team, not for yourself..

Tuesday, 1 May 2018


I was trying to find out ways to avoid procrastination and found a 2 minute rule in an article. It says anything which you can do in 2 minutes, do it without any procrastination. In contrary I found that I do anything stupid which I really love to, if it takes just 2 minutes even between the most important tasks. And those two minute breaks are the ones which has given us the dreams, the imagination, the creativity and the inspiration. And that has given us the learning from cosmos to quarks, Einstein to Vincent van Gogh, Politics to Sprituality. And my dear procrastinators, love and enjoy those two minute breaks because that's what makes us who we are..

But aware that there are things that we are procrastinating for a long time now, just ensure we nail it..

Running out of time

About 66 million years ago, a 9 km wide asteroid killed 75% species on Earth. Today a similar event can happen anytime and we don't have any options to defend ourselves. We have sent probes to different planets in our solar system but not found any hospitable places to live or move. The nearest star Alpha centauri system is 4.3 light years away and will take 70000 years to reach this star at the current maximum travel speed of 17 metres per second. When we look at cosmos, it's so big that life could be there everywhere but looks like there is no advanced civilization in our vicinity may be in our entire Galaxy. Something resets life may be every few million years and ours may be due anytime, surely we are running out of time..

Tuesday, 24 April 2018


Every species has an innate desire to prove its worth, leave alone humans. Just get the organization objectives and goals aligned with that person, the execution is done.

Alignment happens when one

- Gets the respect which he desires
- Feels that's worth the effort
- Gets his due share of credit

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Don't React

We need to stop reacting to every damn thing. Typically in an organization we try to react for every mail or every action whereas the best thing is to wait or ignore most of the time. Assuming we get a nasty mail from a person and you just ignore that mail, that would be the best befitting reply..

Saturday, 31 March 2018


It doesn't come in one stroke, it comes in bits & pieces and ll take long time to realise how big the success is..

Cherish every piece of success, however small it is, that's the fuel to withstand all frustration, anxiety, distress and to move forward.. And then look forward for a bigger piece of success, that's what makes this life more interesting..

Keep rocking..

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Know your priorities

The wonderful piece of advice that I got from my senior, "know your priorities"..

Once you have desired level of competencies, all that matters is to know your priorities and executing that based on the importance..

Do you go to your kids sports day or make arrangements for a chairman meeting. Do you focus completely on your month-end day sales follow up or take a break to go to your kids parents teachers meeting. How do you prioritize your day to day work and how do you decide what is important. How do you evade the silly urgent matters to the most important ones.

As we grow up, the tasks are plenty, time is limited and all that matters is to know your priorities..