Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The moral dilemma

It's about Karna & Vibhishana, there are few articles written about who has taken the right stand and one of the blogger has given this perfect topic but there is no convincing answer. My views..

Those who know about these two great characters can skip the next two paragraphs.. Karna, the great warrior in Mahabharat, stood by his friend Duryodhana in the war against pandava. Knowing very well, that it is against Dharma* and would be killed, Karna sacrificed his life in the war and been credited for his loyalty for friendship.

Vibhishana, a character in Ramayana, didn't support his Brother Ravana who kidnapped the wife of Rama, joined Rama and helped him in defeating & killing Ravana. Later he became the king of Ravana's kingdom..

We sometimes get caught in such circumstances, what is the stand do we take?

Let's explore the options available for Karna..

# Convince duryodhana not to fight with pandava and avoid the war
# If not able to convince move out of duryodhana and stay neutral
# Stay with duryodhana but don't participate in the war
# Fight for duryodhana for the support he got and sacrifice his life
# Join pandava and fight for dharma against duryodhana

The fourth one is what Karna did and the last one is what vibhishana did, which one you do?

If you are a person of principles, stay away from working against Dharma but the best is to fight for Dharma, favors that you receive in the past or future should be irrelevant.. Even sacrifice of one's own life doesn't justify working against Dharma, so the stand of Vibhishana is the right one and history has proved that the person who followed Adharma got killed and the one who followed Dharma got the kingdom..

* Dharma Meaning: (In Indian religion) the eternal law of the cosmosinherent in the very nature of things. Antonym is Adharma.
In Hinduism, dharma is seen as the cosmic law both upheld by the gods and expressed in right behaviour by humans, including adherence to the social order.

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