Saturday, 30 April 2016


Recently read a book of Brian Grazer "A Curious Mind", it talks about how he used his curiosity in having conversation with great people, learning from those conversations and becoming a successful movie producer. 

He is not a researcher and one can write one more book on the same subject covering a broader outlook.. Curiosity is not patented only by those who are intelligent or who asks great questions, in fact everyone in this world is curious (the strong desire to learn) about something. For some it could be thinking & writing, for someone else it could be playing football, meeting people, travelling, cooking, singing etc. we are curious about something which gives us the satisfaction of doing the very same thing rather than the outcome of it. For some writing a blog gives the utmost satisfaction rather than the outcome, same is true with one curious about playing football.. Its important one understands his curiosity and make use of the same in his area of interest. Ask this question, what are you curious about and do more of it.. 

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