Friday, 4 March 2016

The Next Big War

The next big war is not going to be fought between two strong nations but between the weak & the strong.. The world is well connected than ever before and provides a platform for the weak to join hands, and the weak in large numbers is not a weaker force. History has proved that the weak can be destroyed or controlled by strong irrespective of their moral grounds until the weak is out numbered.. The weak is not always right but a weak will become stronger than ever before.. What we are seeing in the world today are the smaller versions of this war..

Its time the strong understand the strength of the weak, focus on taking a stand on moral grounds rather than their ability to control the weaker forces, understand the plurality of this society and relinquish the need to dominate one another..

Its only in this way the weak can be held small and less destructive force.. But to me, looking at the intolerance in this world today, we have a long way to go..

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