Monday, 7 March 2016

Maladies of an Organisation

As i look around and talk to my colleagues and friends, i am really shocked to see lot of wrong decisions, poor strategy and execution across organizations.. The main reasons are

1. Lack of awareness
2. Short term goals
3. Personal Benefits

And those wrong decisions are taken by strong guys in the organisation and no one can question them and worst is that, this takes the company in the reverse direction and a point of no return..

The first one can be managed by continuous learning, listening to your employees and having trusted advisors.. Even the most intuitive and successful leaders listened to their employees, not adamant on their belief.. The concept of advisors is underestimated in today's organisation and i am sure one day we will have a vertical called Advisors in every organisation.. Today atleast we can have it for the top brass..

The second one is by setting clear long term goals for the organisation, rewarding the employees on long term performance and not succumbing to the short term pressure.. Remember, focussing more on short term benefits takes the company to a dead end.. So the ability to convince the management on long term benefits, proven track record and perseverance are most important for leaders..

The third one is the most pervasive, everyone asks what is in it for me rather than what is right for the organisation.. This Peter Trucker principle need to be communicated clearly to all the employees and should stand above all personal benefits.. Easier said than done but leaders can walk the talk, rest will follow..

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