Thursday, 10 March 2016

Short and simple is beautiful

How big should be our mail communication, we receive hundreds of mails each day and will spend maximum two to three minutes for each of the mail.. So the ideal way of communication is to ensure the mail message is restricted to two or three sentences, simple, precise and clear..

What if the message goes higher than three sentences? Break into pieces and communicate periodically..

Recently seen a Aon Hewitt communication, they wanted to communicate the importance of taking Employee Engagement Survey and it was beautifully communicated in a picture representation in pieces.. Everyday short sequence of dialogue is sent by mail followed by a question which gets answered the next day.. The message was Simple, precise and creates curiosity to read the mail next day..

And the same is true for any mode of communication, the attention span is very small across audience and its important that we ask this question, how do we keep our message short and simple?

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