Sunday, 27 March 2016

Share Taxi - The next big opportunity

Share Taxi, Uber has done it in west and the players who does this effectively in India is going to revolutionize the transportation in this country. This brings in huge productivity improvement not just the stakeholders but to the whole society.. Its as good as travelling in your own car economically and still having the luxury of having a driver. Imagine 10% of car travelers start using the Shared Taxi, it can bring huge benefits to the society..

Customers - Increases the productivity, effective use of the time of driving down
Taxi Drivers & the Operator- More people transported in given time and more money
Society - Less Traffic and all its associated benefits
Economy - Less Fuel consumption, lesser imports
Environment - Less Pollution

Ola, the biggest player in this country has started this and this is the way they can kill it.. Actually its very difficult for a big operator to kill this idea!!

1. Put more people in the car particularly during peak hours, drop/ pick up people in heavy traffic areas so that even a slight turn from the actual route will take hours, send communication to drivers after they crossed the place of pick up, take U turns to pick up people, take more time to cover the distance by picking up people from different directions & kill the customers productivity, frustrate the customers and make them stay away from this option.

2. Ensure the early adopters are not satisfied and not propagate on this concept, Ensure few people use this option, few cars using this service, frustrate the travelers more and make it unsustainable

3. Focus only on small set of customers who don't mind spending more time for their travel and ignore the whole gamut of office goers

4. Force them to pay as Prepaid so that they will not run away without paying after travelling, Don't allow the customers to give feedback on the ride for making any process improvements

5. Focus on making profits on this from the first journey, short term profits are more important for sustainable operation!!!

6. And then say India is not yet ready for such a revolutionized idea..

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