Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Life in the Universe

We are all made of star dust and our life born out of a chemical reaction. What happened in earth should be happening elsewhere in the universe but we haven't heard anything so far. These are the possibilities.

1. The possibility of earth being the only place which can foster life out of billions of galaxies is absolutely nil. What happens in earth could happen elsewhere, it's simple physics.

2. Life & death happens so fast that there couldn't be any advanced civilisations. In that case our death is imminent.

3. Life is there everywhere, only we haven't heard or seen anything. Most of the planets gives rise to low level species due to their inhospitable conditions and the advanced civilisations are far apart that they can't reach so easily

4. The speed of destruction is faster than the speed of exploration. In another 4 billion years milky way is going to collide with Andromeda galaxy and all the advanced civilisations which cannot explore beyond these galaxies are going to get struck in this destruction.

5. Huge communication gap between different civilisations in different galaxies. We are talking about radio waves, one million years down the line, it ll be absolutely different one which we may not be able to understand today.

But one thing is certain, life exists everywhere and we just need to explore further..

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