Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Human population

I used to think that the growth of human population as a huge problem. We are growing pretty fast, becoming more congested, exploiting the valuable resources and making this earth worse. But looking at the solar system, galaxies, we understand that we are incredibly small and there is a whole universe out there, we haven't heard from anyone so far in billions of galaxies, sure there is no advanced civilisations in solar system and just a few billion people in earth.

And looking back, every revolution has born out of the exponential growth of human population. Imagine, we are only thousands in earth, we must still be living in forests. The explosive growth in human population lead to the agricultural revolution, industrial revolution, then the information revolution and the space exploration. The quest for exploration comes with the scarcity of resources due to population growth and that's the only way the human species can explore beyond where they are. We have just another 4 billion years left to move out of milky way and Andromeda galaxy which is 1 lac light years and 1.4 lacs light years in diameter respectively, huge distance to explore..

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