Thursday, 29 May 2014

How perfectly Symmetrical are your Products?

How Symmetrical are your Products?
Human Body is one of the most Symmetrical (left- right bilateral Symmetry to the tune of 97%) product externally and a Google search on that brought out surprising results on why we are symmetrical outside and not symmetrical inside.. Check out this..

Humans or Animals love to mate perfect symmetrical partners and would love to use symmetrical products and that's the reason most of our existing products are also symmetrical. But the question is the perfectionism in the symmetricity, Not a big deal but are we taking a note of it, is your product 100% symmetric to the extent of the smallest Nut & Bolt.. Not really, I have seen hundreds of cars which could easily be symmetrical but are not. Is your logo symmetrical? TATA, Renault, Honda, Mercedes are some of the symmetrical logo's but most of them are not, should we have one? off course Humans/Animals would love to!..

I personally would love to have a car with perfect symmetrical exteriors, Logo, Name, Number plate etc..What about your House, your gadgets, your workstation?


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