Thursday, 1 May 2014

Going Crazy on TED Talks

Going crazy on TED Talks!, had some time today being a holiday and had my eureka moment when i watched this video..

Are we in contol of our own decisions - When the decision making becomes complex, we tend to make somebody else take our decisions or we don't take decisions & leave it to chance, oh my god!, that's what we are doing all these days.. So what do we do, take decisions all the time, write down the decisions not taken so far and decide, not so easy isn't it. But lets think about it!..

The power of Introverts - Pretty popular one, but when you listen for the second time you understand the depth of it..It goes like this..
Extroverts: Take things out of your suitcase “every chance you get and grace us with your energy and your joy.”
Introverts: “You probably have the impulse to guard very carefully what’s inside your own suitcase. And that’s okay. But occasionally . . . I hope you will open up your suitcases for other people to see, because the world needs you and it needs the things you carry.”

Also check out the TED Video "why you will fail to have a great career"
You will fail to have a great career unless...
We find lot more reasons like family, money, kids, age to justify why we fail to have a great career and we become the reason for the failure and not exactly those reasons.. So unless, unless...

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