Sunday, 1 January 2017

The end of human race

We always think of human disaster by aliens or comets from distant galaxy but a simple microbe can put an end to the human race. We hear a lot about evolution of bacteria against antibiotic drugs, mosquito's against repellent drugs. Same happened with humans, we evolved faster than any other animals, which took few million years and that was so fast in time scale of this planet and we rule this world.

One of the major reason for our faster evolution is our collective learning and its becoming better day by day because of the advancement in the technology. The learning of an individual in one part of the world is passed on to the whole world at the speed of light. So the only way someone can beat us is to evolve faster than our evolution and learn faster than our collective learning. Today most of the human death is caused by Mosquito which evolve just through reproduction. we are hearing about mutations of virus & bacteria in few hours or few months. The drug resistant genes are transmitted not just through reproduction but through lot many ways, making it easier for the new generation bacteria to become drug resistant, this is faster evolution due to faster learning which can become better. So the end of human race is going to be caused by a small microbe not a monster..

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