Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Grow or Go!

Heard that few organisations follow this model "Grow or Go" for their employees, either you grow in the organisation or go out.. Most of the organisation doesn't follow this model, they accept the mediocrity and let their people to stay in a position for long time. Big organisations are slightly better, they create a support role and move these people but small organisations live with it for ever. The effects are huge, the individuals who are struck will slow down the entire organisation because they can't move forward or go out. Imagine 20 people in a middle management level struck like this, they can slow down their entire team, around 500 people working under them and when 500 people slow down, the entire organisation slows down because the internal benchmarks are so bad that the rest of the team is not pushed enough.

Now if you are an individual who is passionate enough to grow in life, work for a company which promotes "Grow or Go" and if you are not fortunate enough, then tell yourself "Grow or Go". One, you are not slowing down the organisation, two, you will find ways & means to grow wherever you are.. 

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