Monday, 22 February 2016


I have never tried a blog on political affairs but the recent events in India and more so the misunderstanding of the general public forced me to write this.. The idea is not to prove my point but to educate the people of my country..

Nationality is a virtual reality like Money, Religion, Corporation etc unlike the Objective realities like Plants, Animals, Humans, Water, Air, Mountains etc.. It is the belief in these Virtual reality that made the growth of Humans through flexible cooperation in large nos.. No Animals will believe in virtual reality like money or Nationality and a chimpanzee will not give you Bananas for money writes Yuval Noah Harari in his book Sapiens - A brief History of Human kind..

And slowly with the evolution of humans the virtual reality has taken over the objective reality, money has become more important than the fellow species, Nationality has become more important than the welfare of the entire society, corporation have become more important than the very people it employs..

Its important that we often remind ourselves of these virtual realities else we will destroy the entire objective realities like fellow species, Air, water, mountains and will also destroy each other.. To put it again, Nationality is one such Virtual reality and welfare of the entire society is more important than the nationhood.

Nationality is the virtual reality which holds the people in the entire nation to live together and it will exist as long as majority of the people of nation has a trust in that.. Oppressing dissenting voices in large No's will damage the trust and the  very unity of the nation. Nationality is invoked by the totalitarian regimes to garner support to their atrocities and more its used for crushing the General Public, minority & Marginalised the more will be the dissent and the loss of trust on the very concept of the nation.. Time we understand, acknowledge the dissenting voices and hold the solidarity of this nation..

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