Friday, 8 August 2014

Mettur Dam

Love to hear the news that the Mettur dam which is the lifeline for thousands of people is fast reaching its full capacity, just curious to find the no. of days it will take to reach the full capacity and not more than 4 days at this level of inflow..

Mettur Dam, Tamilnadu, India          On 8th August          2014 at 10 PM
Current water level (Million Cubic Feet) 65800
Full Capacity Water level (Million Cubic Feet) 93400
Water Shortfall to reach full Capacity (Million Cubic Feet) 27600
Water In Flow (Cubic Feet per sec) 80000
Water In Flow (Cubic Feet per day) 6912000000
Water In Flow (Million Cubic Feet per day) 6912
Time Required to reach full capacity (in Days, assuming no outflow) 3.99

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