Friday, 25 July 2014

Ramanujan - The Genius

Ramanujan movie Director Rajasekaran on his film

“In India, we don’t celebrate geniuses – we celebrate only mediocrity,” said Rajasekaran. “We don’t know how to nurture a genius. Ramanujan was not nurtured as a genius should be – his father was not impressed with his maths skills as a child and when he joined college he was told by the principal, ‘We don’t need a genius in one subject; we prefer an average student across all subjects.’ Even today, in India it is the same story - society favours average students and geniuses are hardly encouraged and treated as special and receive the nurturing they deserve as compared to Western society.”

“Even if someone is brilliant, in our society we think it’s more important for the person to fulfil all other aspects – he or she needs to be a good spouse, good child, good human being, good parent, etc. We don’t allow a child’s intrinsic talent to develop and allow the child to pursue his or her passion. The parents decide what the child will grow up to be and in this process, the child’s brilliance dies out. In Ramanujan’s case, in spite of all that went against him, he still went on to prove himself a genius.”

Ramanujan may not be a commercial masala-filled Tamil flick but the director’s message is clear: a genius should not be treated as ‘abnormal’, but as someone who is special.

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